• Mark Smith’s Profile

    Mark SmithMark is a local lad born and raised within 5 miles of Morecambe. He went to both Primary and Secondary School in Lancaster and left school aged 16 with 7 CSE’s. At the age of 13 he started work as a Saturday Lad in a butcher’s shop and in his spare time would dig for bait for the local fisherman. He also thoroughly enjoyed shrimping with his Father.

    After school he went to Blackpool and Fylde College and did a three year Food Technology Diploma in meat. Whilst at college he also did a milk round and on Saturdays worked for a butcher’s shop.

    He left college at 19 and went to work for Dewhurst’s in Lancaster, eventually becoming manager of the shop. After working for Dewhurst’s for several years he moved to Bookers Wholesale Suppliers.

    In 1990 Mr. Bob Baxter of Baxters Potted Shrimps was looking for a store man and delivery driver who had experience in working with food. Mr Baxter had known Mark for several years and thought that he would be ideal for the job. When offered the job Mark was quick to accept and so started his long association with Baxters Potted Shrimps.

    Mark soon showed what a great addition he was to the Baxter Team, bringing his considerable enthusiasm to his job. At times Mr. Baxter would question whether he had actually made the deliveries as he would do them in half the time his predecessor took! After gaining a thorough understanding on the whole way Baxters ran by working in every department , he soon worked his way up to being Manager and has held the position ever since. As well as his managerial duties Mark often man’s the Baxter stand (along with Rosalind) at the various Farmers Markets and Food and Drink Festivals that Baxters do. This ensures that he keeps in touch with our customers.

    Mark has always enjoyed fishing and used to go shrimping in his own boat “Snow Goose” He also spent plenty of time out fishing with our local Morecambe Bay fishermen to make sure that he knew the shrimping game inside out.

    When time allows his other interests are field sports, golf and he is a keen gardener who specializes in growing vegetables. Mark has two grown up daughters and a 2 year old toddler Lily with his Wife Cathryn.